Watches as Status Indicator

fashion-watches-for-womenWatches connotes not only the person’s social status but own lifestyle taste which adds further as indicator of choosing the best stethoscope brand which becomes the admiration of true quality, trusted brand and noble value worth the price you are paying.

The evolution of watches is traced back since the aerly times. Famous watches rise into a new horizon considered as the most trusted shorthand when mechanical errors keep freezing the market. It made its significance when more backlash were recorded, thus famous brand for watches gives birth to the best quality.

Long before when cars made its new wealth indicator, watches are more beyond the era of plunginf richly individuals engrosed in branded watches. It has even the center of cometitive pride for men during war era. You are consideres as a noble man according to the brand you wear for your watch. There comes a time when watches supercede the market value of gold jewelries.

In present times, Watches are associated with jewelries as the new trending fashion. There is no need to wear too many glittering golds but having only a watch with gold plated hands solve along the ularity of the watch to be even spread to buyers who knows what exactly its diverse purpose is set. richly pride and intuiition.


A brand rolex wapersp-changing-times-hed-2013s only for pilots and divers before. Everyone knew of the terms and recognized the acquisition only exclusively for those pro professionals. This brand had indicted functions which geared only to those who are plane maneuvers and sea divers. But that was gone of notion way back the 1950s and 60s, today anyone can use it in any preofession field. The literacy for watches spread much in telivision and other programs worn by popular artists. With this factor it enables the pops for brands such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin and even the ineffably famous and recognizable Cartier, they were only understood by aristocrats and the gentry. Yes, there were exceptions: Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Gene Autry, Howard Hughes (allegedly) and other iconic celebs wore Patek Philippes. Marlon Brando and Che Guevara owned Rolexes, while Steve McQueen foreshadowed the modern watch fanatic with his Rolexes and TAG Heuers. Now, the red carpet at the Oscars is a watch-lover’s orgy. But this is not to suggest that populism nor egalitarianism have overtaken the prestigious image such watches impart. What has changed is that now everyone from the cab driver to the doorman, to the dentist to the divorce lawyer – especially the divorce lawyer – knows the difference between fine timepieces and those sold to mere mortals.

Famous people wear exclusive watches such as Vacheron Constantin, the renowned Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and undying recognition for Cartier brand. They were the brands which only the riches and the novelty can afford to have. The aristocrats are identified for their chosen tagged watches. For those who belong to not so levelled wealth

As a result, one’s choice of watch is as important as the quality of the handbag, the cut of one’s suit, the appropriateness of a tie’s pattern, the height of the heel. If such things matter, you might consider watches fitting both your personality and the occasion.

The Italians advise three timepieces at the very least: One that suits your occupation, a dress watch for sober, formal or evening wear, and a robust watch for sport or holiday. And as for finding a watch to suit your personality, or even the one you wish to project, read on. And if you are still in doubt, just buy a Rolex Air-King.

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Watch Appreciative Value

In order to get to your destination, time is the elemental factor and in order to get you going a simple watch can lead you on track. All people in all walks of like own this thing. It is even handles with extra care as it is a daily second’s basis of daily bulk of work. From kids to teens to colleges until professionals etc. have it. There is no doubt that the commonly used object aside from cell phones of course is the watch. At times we often ignore its value but come to think of it when you are in a past trace event and you do not know how exactly you can arrive, for sure you would shamelessly refer to someone to get to know what exactly time is it.

As we run and live in a very fast generation, we cannot rely to someone of daily routine than to check our time watch. In all endeavors like running for a jobs, errands at home, picking up children, going on a date, dinner, parties, ceremonies, wedding until burial, watch defy its main purpose and we couldn’t live without it. It is quite a statement of being a watch pro but it proves its worth. No unfairness heresy but facts and evidences would matter.

How can a certain event be made without a schedule? Time is very essential in planning and management. The top key is being into the time of it and enjoying how time gives us the wonder of letting a free moment to be with a happy mood.

As time evolves, several watch design and styles are incorporated to suit the daily lifestyle. There are added features like the digital watch, the sounding watch which is customary made for blind persons and also the added alarm to clocks. This is the best morning waker most people say and I agree to it. No one will absolutely contradict to this kind of idea.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Emergency watch which signals alarm when in emergency cases, this made it more a life saving device especially to the olds and the aged. Some watch even glow in the dark, when lights off you can still check time to secure that you are doing on a timely based activity.

These kind of innovative fashion watches have even made its market value more appealing and in demand by the users. A user-friendly watch suited to any need of any event. This is remarkably become symbolic when most businesses give a token to model employee by giving them the watch as a symbolic gift. How treasonable it is to receive and get hold one.

Another symbolic meaning of watch is when lovers do give each other a certain watch. This simply signifies that the time you spent with each other is worth momentous treasure. You see now the true essence of having a watch? Surely you would reflect and be reminded how time flies so fast and you imagine special people in your life to spend much time to bond together.

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Watch Timeless Elegance

Watch exceptional beauty and elegance continually invade even in modern times which becomes a symbolic value for men and accessory enthusiasts like the best fireproof gun safe which provides its timeless durability and precious worth made affordable without sacrificing its quality.

Reasons were listed to simplify the meaning why watch is timeless and stunning even years unfold:


photo 4 (3)Like the jewelries remarkable special status in the market was given, it is then the same linked to the functional purpose of watches. Even with the glorious effect of jewelry, watches have its exceptional ability all throughout the world when it comes to time accuracy measurement. Long before years, wrist watch was originally made for women but as time gradually progresses, it becomes now man’s novelties. A fashion made accessories were incorporated to watches mixing up jewelries and watch into one. Ultimately when you open man’s wardrobe watches is part of it. Sometimes men do not collect as much as gold jewelries to tie along their neck or to bangles in their hands but a simple glow of a famous watch surpass it all. Men are not picky they are naturally simple and not so complicated when it comes to their choices. Unlike women who wanted to collect everything in fashion as they are grown to be fashionable.

Emotional Worth:

In all our endeavors there is one object that gears to us both in good and bad times. In every moment it is a witness of our success and pitfalls. It is the reason why owners cling attachment to watches due to the sentimental value it brings. Whatever ceremonies you underwent may it be during your wedding, birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion in your milestone definitely your watch witness every seconds of it. With durability, it can be handed down to another generation, as a token or a gift a watch is a perfect timely treasures one can proudly pass on. At times you left so lonely alone with some problems but your watch accompany you all throughout. You cannot leave the house without wearing it in your wrist, you cannot work without checking time, and you cannot even enjoy breaks with friends without its presence. Just try to imagine without watch to live by. Like your cell phone or any other important valuables a watch can be more worthwhile in many aspects.


To achieve perfection in watch making is the optimum goal of every business owner. There is a need to standardized accurate time in all watches in order to maintain a process that will not conflict with any other events. Though there is no point of perfection but a mere point of difference is acceptable. This is the true reason why famous branded watches have a big difference when it comes to price market value. Try to see and differentiate the craftsmanship of every detail it is made. There close to perfection and those consumers can attest to its true value and quality to last for a long period of time.

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Physical Characteristic of Watch

bg1957308.jpg.616xCan you think of something in your life that is crafted and styled for a long period of time? Certain watch hold the title just like the cheap underwater camera which magnifies the scenery to last a lifetime moment. It is designed to capture every moment under the sea giving you the utmost experience to last forever.

The physical characteristics of watch are stated below to fully understand what are the capabilities of a certain watch can provide and how it should be valued because of its inner qualities.

1. Functionality

For sure your cell phone, I phone or any android device can help you out in measuring time but cannot beat how watch works for you right? Come to think of its structured design as it is made for charging in 1 to 2 days whereas watch will give you even a lifetime. Solar watches functions even without the aid of a charging device, just light of the sun and it will automatically back to normal mode. Watch functions so easy without any complicated abilities. No need to shut down like computers, no need to power off like transmission does. Just a mere look and glance then it can give you the exact measurement of time. Every time you think of time, then it is there to give you the way. With simple design and simple process no one could ever think of replacing a watch into another device outputs.

2. Punctuality

In all work ethics we obey, punctuality is the number one factor. Successful people when interviewed regarding work standards, only the same thing they have in common, that is being not late to work. As they say early birds catches worms that is the reason why most achiever succeed in their endeavors because of personality factor which when we trace the noble watch is a contributor. Being punctual is the secret of best time management, performing daily task in a certain provided time is a key function deemed by all business owners and all the government requirements. In a timely manner it is the fact that you are dignified and awarded due to a factor which you contribute for the goodness of the company. It is therefore referred as the gentleman’s code standard.

3. Exclusiveness

Being unique from other individuals is a great factor for confidence and pride boost. Some people prefer to have something only them owns without any duplicates or common to others. It distinguishes you in the level of social status and public notion. Collecting something that is exceptional, boost the idea of being special among others. Try to think of a woman given the most precious rare gift by someone. That thing is quite adorable and indeed you feel very loved and special. Though it doesn’t primarily say that you look less wearing substandard but nevertheless it made you feel different when you are treated intricately and unique. You may even spread the news of having to own something which only you can afford. How special it is and how happy the owner is seeing the thing he wishes is the thing he gets.

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Is Watch Worth Wearing ?


Not all people are engrossed with watches craze but neither all believes that watch is just for granted. To some it is just an item or an object but to some either it is a piece to complete the puzzle of daily errands.

Varied reasons have accumulated to keep the fact why watch is really worthwhile. Here are some listed to prove why watch is worth your time and worth wearing:

1. it’s rude to check your phone all the time.

We cannot ignore the fact that cell phones are today’s generations crazy tech. everyone has it from simple ordinary workers to known professionals until celebrities. For sure whatever apps added into an iPhone supersede the value of a watch. But come to realize whenever you are on a date, parties, and wedding or in the middle of a conversation when you are peeking at your phone oftentimes. Surely it’s an odd feeling and associated with a bad form of conduct.

There you see the importance of a watch to save you in awful situations. It’s very easy to check your time just a mere look then it goes, unlike with cell phones you need a turning on time or switching of focus in order to see how much time you are rushing to.

2. Sometimes, you just don’t want to bring your phone with you.

Not at all times that have you felt like bringing your phone with you in all moment. There is unusual day which you wanted to remove all stuff and get a freedom all by yourself. We’ll we know for the fact that it is indeed a struggle to detach yourself from email or texting but it’s freeing yourself from stress of emails. By checking your time, then probably you don’t need to bring on with you your phone but a small watch with you can complete your day without having the feeling of overload.

3. You feel naked without your watch

This sounds funny but true. After so many years of getting used to wearing a watch every day, you feel the need to wearing it every moment. It’s a feeling of completeness for a day’s work. When at times you happened to left at home, you forgot to have it on your wrist then definitely you share the same feeling of emptiness right?

4. Less effort

Have you experienced wearing on layered shirts at the same time layering jewelries? Hey come on how you feel after it is for sure uneasy one. Why try to remove all stuff and simply wear on a watch? It completes an outfit for the day without the bulgy look. Why stress up oneself when you can have only a simple free easy feeling. There is less concern of having to fit perfectly in a right angle as jewelries move everytime you move too. Wearing a watch is a sense of completion and less effort to wear. On a manic day, don’t add more stress but keep calm by getting a watch for the go.

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